Location: 629 East 6th Street #1, New York, NY 10009 
Email: Phone: (716) 337-6149

Gallery Hours: by appointment. Please email to

Owner/ Founder/ Director: Mieko Meguro
Executive Producer: Dan Graham

3A Gallery was founded in 2011 by Mieko Meguro at 179 Canal St, NYC. In 2017, the gallery relocated to East Village. 3A Gallery celebrates the enjoyment we derive from relating to one another: showing works that examine relationships between artists and real life. One noteworthy early exhibition was a solo show by Peter Scott in 2012, where the artist presented portraits behind two-way mirror glass. Spectators saw themselves superimposed on the portraits, while at the same time feeling surveilled. In 2014, “We Are All Cats,” which traveled to Karma International in Zurich, displayed works with cats by Dan Graham, and Trevor Shimizu amongst others. The following year, 3A Gallery had the pleasure of showing paintings by the late Belgian artist Jef Geys. In 2016, the landscape architect Gunther Vogt transformed the gallery into a cabinet of curiosities, where visitors could interact with various field recordings and images. In 2018, Jeff Price presented an untitled film by Adolfos Mekas, retrospectively titled, “Title,” by Price as homage. Price also created a film installation that documented the gallery’s architecture from within. Nic Guagnini showed a series of intimate drawings. 2019, 3A Gallery has presented work by Barbara Ess, Frances Scholz. And in the group show “Food Show,” Christopher Williams and Mike Smith. Then fall 2019 on display are paintings by Kate Harding, partly produced through digital embroidery, and inspired by her childhood in rural Missouri. Harding’s exhibition speaks of the fragmentation of bodily experience through technology, and the companionship between humans and nature.