Mud Of Mruk, Patrick Jackson and Saha Schechter

Mud of Murk, Patrick Jackson and Asha Schechter:
organized by Trevor Shimizu
Opening reception: January 24th, 2016  6-8pm,
A next day of the big snow
Press Release

Patrick Jackson



plasticine, polyurethane, plaster, epoxy

28 x 37 x 7 inches

Edition 1 of 2 + 1 AP

This untitled wall relief is part of a new series of work, based off of drawings Patrick Jackson made over the past 15 years. He looks through old sketchbooks for repeating images, and takes from them to develop his own personal iconography. The imagery varies, but often contains body parts: mouth, ear, hands, fingers, neck, teeth, tongue, etc.  Each relief is sculpted using a soft clay called WED, which stands for Walt E. Disney (Disney imaginers came up with the recipe for this particularly malleable clay).  Molds are taken of the original works, and the final pieces are cast in a hard pink plasticine, a type used to create design prototypes.

Asha Schechter

Coffee Scene 

HD Video 13:57   2016

“Coffee Scene” juxtaposes footage of Charles Babinksi in the semifinals of the 2015 US Barista Championship with footage of Slovakian 3D modeler Milos Jakubec making a 3D model of Charles’ winning cappuccino. This model is available for free download at:

Charles went on to win the US championship and placed 2nd in the World Barista Championship.

3A Gallery
179 Canal Street, #5A, New York, NY 10013