Wineke Gartz; American Pain

Wineke Gartz; American Pain – March 22nd to April 19th, 2013

Opening reception Friday, March 22nd, 6-8pm

Wineke Gartz, an Amsterdam based artist, will show at 3A Gallery from March 22nd until April 19th, in an exhibition titled “American Pain(ting)”. This work combines video, drawings and collage with sound mixes. Gartz’s work was last shown in New York at 303 Gallery in 2009 in a group exhibition curated by the artist, Dan Graham. “American Pain” involves an investigation of the American dream landscape, linking historical 19th Century American “luminist” landscape painting (such as Thomas Cole) to the present-day Disneyotic Fantasyland in the suburban arcadia setting of the Native American operated “Mohegan Sun” casino-entertainment complex.
The casino’s theme-park-like setting can be viewed as a temple linking America’s Native American past to the promised future dreams of monetary success and a luxurious glamour “life style” for visitors who flock to “Mohigan Sun” ‘Country’ by bus from Chinatown. Gartz visualizes “Mohegan Sun’s” interior architecture as a Kafkaesque “Nature Theater”.

W. Gartz, american pain, collage

3A Gallery
179 Canal Street, #5A, New York, NY 10013